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What if we had no legal systems to deal with injuries for auto accidents? First, people would have less incentive to avoid injuring other people. Sometimes injuries would occur intentionally; more often, the injuries would be accidental, because people would have less incentive to be careful. An auto manufacturer would have an incentive to cut back on safety measures if it knew it would not be liable for injuries that were caused by defective cars. Drivers might be less careful, and property owners might be less inclined to repair their sidewalks. Conversely, businesses and individuals who did act safely would be penalized for their good behavior because it is often more expensive to act carefully with no corresponding reduction in liability.

Second, the victims of accidents would be left to their own resources to pay for medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, and other consequences of injuries they suffer. For most victims the cost would be significant; for the unlucky few, the cost would be catastrophic.

Third, it just would not seem fair that people could freely inflict harm on other people, either intentionally or carelessly. The careless driver would get away with acting wrongfully if he did not have to pay for his actions, and the innocent victim would have to suffer the consequences.

It is important to know what to do to protect the legal rights of yourself and your loved ones. Selecting the right auto accident attorney in New Port Richey is an important decision. You should choose someone who is experienced, aggressive and dedicated to working to get fair compensation for your injuries.  Call (727) 842-9758 today and speak with an experienced auto accident attorney in New Port Richey at Williams, Ristoff, Proper & Bloom.

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