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If you injure yourself on someone else’s land, is that person liable for your injuries? The answer depends on whether the person had notice that a dangerous condition existed on the land, and if so, whether he or she had a reasonable amount of time to either remove the danger or warn persons on the land that the danger was there.

Say Samantha is doing her weekly grocery shopping at the supermarket, when she slips on a piece of fruit that had fallen out of its bin and breaks her arm. If she sues the store for payment of her doctor bills and other damages, will she win? It depends on how long the fruit had been on the floor before Samantha stepped on it. If the fruit had fallen out of the bin only moments before Samantha walked down the aisle, the supermarket probably is not liable; it did not know the fruit was there. But if she could prove that the fruit had been lying on the floor for an hour or two, Samantha most likely would win her case on the basis that the store should have known of the fruit on the floor after a sufficient time and cleaned it up.

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