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If a case cannot be settled, usually because the parties do not agree on the cause of the accident and/or the dollar value of the damages, a lawsuit may be filed. Once this occurs, the process often becomes very antagonistic and time-consuming. The resolution of a lawsuit progresses through a number of stages.

The Lawsuit Discovery Process
Both sides of the lawsuit try to find out as much as they can about the accident, the victims, and their claimed injuries. Witnesses and accident experts are integral components of the case at this stage. During the discovery process, the medical, psychological, and economic history of the victims are thoroughly reviewed. This can be an uncomfortable and disheartening aspect of your own recovery. Throughout this pretrial phase of the lawsuit, the lawyers from both sides, based on their experience and the details of the case, will try to negotiate a settlement. Over 95% of all cases settle before trial.

Arbitration & Settlement Conference
Many insurance policies and court systems require that the case go before an impartial arbitrator before going to trial. In other situations, lawyers for both parties meet with the judge assigned to the case for an informal, pre-trial settlement conference. Again, many cases settle during arbitration or as a result of these pre-trial conferences.

If the parties cannot come to some agreement, off to court they go. The court (a judge and/or a jury) then decides who and how much if any is to be paid. Only about 1% of accident related personal injury lawsuits actually go to trial.

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of the trial, you may appeal the judgment to the next level of the court system. The appeals court reviews the written record of the case through trial. The appeals court can adjust the monetary damage award, order a new trial, or let the decision stand as it is. This whole process can take many years to complete.

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