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Motorcycle accidents in Florida present an alarming figure of accident related fatalities every year, although motorcyclists belong to the minority of drivers. Motorcycles are devoid of certain safety features like seat belts, airbags and a roof. Such lack of protection makes motorcycle accident injuries generally more severe than those involving automobiles alone.

Over 70% of motorcycle accidents take place at intersections due to limited visibility. Simply put, they occur because the other driver did not see the rider. Road hazards like uneven pavement, debris and oil spills also cause motorcycle accidents. Motorcycle accidents also involve more traumatic head and brain injuries than others. If you’ve been involved in an accident either as the operator of, a passenger on or involving a motorcycle contact Williams, Ristoff & Proper, New Port Richey Motorcycle Accident Lawyers.

Our attorneys will correctly identify the legal issues in your personal injury lawsuit. Many times our clients come in thinking one thing is a problem when really they deserve compensation for something else. To find out more about how to recover compensation for injuries suffered because of an accident, call today.