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Statutes of limitations are extremely important to be aware of because it is a legal time limit for filing lawsuits.  If the lawsuit is not filed by the deadline, the court will dismiss it.  Statutes of limitations vary from state to state and case to case, therefore it is important to consult your attorney or research the statue of limitations yourself.  There are also exceptions that need to be considered in certain cases.  For example, minors generally have two years from the date they reach their 18th birthday to file, but this also varies from state to state.

In cases involving repressed memory or if the plaintiff suffered from mental insanity or mental incapacity, the court may delay the statute of limitation.  Cases involving victims of childhood sexual abuse usually have longer statute of limitations.  It is important to mark down your deadline and hire an attorney in a suitable manner.

Occasionally an attorney will miss a deadline, which is not only embarrassing but a financial disaster for him or her.  Some try to cover up their error by telling the client that the case had been dropped.  Others stall for time by telling their client that suit was filed and that the litigations are progressing.  If you believe your attorney has missed your statute of limitation deadline through his or her own fault, you should contact a legal malpractice lawyer or your state’s bar association disciplinary committee.

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