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You and your lawyer must determine whether to demand a jury trial, a trial before a judge without a jury, or a hearing of a more informal nature.  The choice you make is critical because it will determine how quickly your case is decided and how much money you will be compensated.  In many states, informal hearings are conducted with arbitration panels of three attorneys.  The rules of evidence are greatly relaxed so that the case can be tried quickly and efficiently.  The arbitrators reach their decision immediately and communicated to the lawyers within four days in most cases.  Jury trials, on the other hand, can take weeks or longer because doctors and other expert witnesses must actually testify and there are more strict rules for admission of evidence.

Trials before judges, also known as bench trials, take much less time than jury trials but more than arbitrations. In arbitrations, you may be able to prove your pain and suffering through your testimony and your medical reports alone.

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